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    The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    How It Can Help You Lose Weight

    A lymphatic drainage massage is a manual and natural technique to improve the bodies lymph system - often improving the lymph flow by as much as 20 times combined with Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro.You also get our fat busting slimming solution so a powerful combination aiding lymphatic drainage and Shrinking Inches!

    Why is the Lymphatic System important?
    A sluggish or blocked lymph system can contribute to a host of problems, such as:
    Buildup of lymphatic fluid
    Swelling and bloating
    Excessive water retention
    Compromised immunity

    How does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage help?
    The lymphatic drainage massage uses light pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate the lymph flow.
    This allows the body to start naturally disposing of lymph fluid, since it is now being redirected to unblocked lymph nodes.
    Since this excessive fluid is channeled to the bodies natural filtration system, it is able to dispose of excessive waste and toxins that build up in the body. Aided by our Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro slimming solution your results are felt immediately.

    What benefits does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage have?
    Weight loss - Lymphatic drainage massages are a top choice for women who cannot exercise regularly or are in a dieting plateau, as they are an alternate way to release toxins and dispose of waste in the body. Believe it or not, a lot of this excessive waste contributes to the weight our body carries. Boost those results by combining Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro with Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

    Cellulite reduction - Due to the use of pressure and the enhanced circulation provided, the lymphatic massage does a great job to reduce cellulite. It is also a great way to prevent cellulite from building up in the first place. Our Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro’s fat busting formulation helps Shrink those inches, firm and tone.

    Reduced water retention - Since the main job of the lymph system is to carry and dispose of fluid waste, excessive water that is retained in the body is also disposed of through this technique. Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro gets to work shrinking those inches whilst the Lymphatic Drainage Massage aids excretion of excess fluid in the body.

    Increased metabolic rate - A healthy lymph system contributes to a healthy metabolic rate. The higher your metabolic rate, the more fat your body burns per minute (even when you are inactive, or simply sitting). Regular lymphatic drainage massages prevents your metabolic rate from slowing down, thus helping you avoid weight gain. It also stimulates weight loss if you had a low metabolism, as it raises it over time.

    Helps you relax - As with any massage, it gives you some down-time and a sense of well-being, both of which are proven to help reduce stress levels - a factor that most people overlook when trying to lose weight. The stress hormone "cortisol" causes significant weight gain when released in the body too much. By unwinding and regularly taking time for your massages, cortisol levels in the body are reduced, which then helps drop stress-related weight. Our Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro Body oil has a blissful blend of Lavender Essential Oil calming to an active mind, helpful to anxiety, depression and restlessness, helping you unwind, aiding sleep and skin smoothing.

    As with any manual technique, one session is not a magic pill.
    Lymphatic drainage massages have to be performed regularly for them to have an effect.
    It is generally recommended to go for around 10-12 sessions to truly cleanse and boost your lymph system.

    Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro available in beauty salons worldwide!
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    #Legs Legs Legs

    #Legs Legs Legs

    Different body parts seem to get the spotlight at different times. For now, it seems the bottom is taking center stage. Instagram is so full of inflated derrieres you’d think they were giving away free helium. All joking aside, we thought legs have been ignored for a little too long. Who doesn’t ooh and ah at Heidi Klum’s long and lean legs. How many fashion models are known for their bums? It’s their gorgeous legs that get them down the runway. With Shrinking Violet Spa Treatments we have the means to put your legs above your bum, in priority of attention that is.

    How did cellulite get here? Why is it here? How to I make it go somewhere else? Woe is the woman who will stop at nothing to improve the look of lumps and bumps on their legs. No one really knows what causes this affliction but 90% of women can claim it as their own. Men? Not so much. This leads experts to believe cellulite has something to do with hormones. It’s time to fight back.
    Several aesthetic tech giants have developed nonsurgical methods of eradicating cellulite. Unfortunately, many of the treatments provide questionable results and require so many repeat treatments, women neither have the time nor the patience to complete the series to satisfaction.

    Tibby Olivier tackle cellulite at the root. Cellulite is formed by fibrous bands that run through adipose tissue (fat). Much like quilting, but it’s not as attractive on skin as it is on a Chanel bag. In order to smooth the cellulite, your Shrinking Violet Therapist will infuse the area with our slimming solution, manually use lymphatic draining massage to flush out toxins and excess fluid, Shrinking Violets active ingredients target fat cells to shrink those inches, slim, firm and tone with fat busting results.

    Ageing is an equal opportunity collagen and elastin destroyer. It not only invades the face and neck, but collagen loss and poor skin quality can be seen on the thighs as well. Even with good muscle tone, the skin of the thighs is subject to a lot of bending at the knees, constantly stretching and contracting. It’s the contracting part that doesn’t quite happen when collagen and elastin are depleted. Sun damage, volume loss and poor hydration also contribute to saggy, baggy thighs.

    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap to the rescue. This method activates the lipolysis process eliminating unwanted fat without effort or discomfort. It provides immediate and lasting slimming and body shape effects helping lose inches in problem areas such as thighs, hips and stomach, among others.

    Tip: Shrinking Violet Bums & Tums is scientifically formulated with plant extracts, antioxidants and biotechnological agents to firm and improve sagging and crepey skin on the Thighs and Bottom. Ninety-eight percent of users see improvement. Believers in Shrinking Violet advise using the product on the skin of the thighs. Try it for hydration and a boost to collagen building after Shrinking Violet Body Wrap. Buy it here:

    A calf that blends into the ankle without definition and without a taper to the foot has been coined a “cankle”. Women with cankles have an accumulation of fat surrounding the soleus tendon. There is also a genetic component to cankles. If mom or dad were cankle-sufferers chances are you will be too. Cankles make it hard for women to comfortably wear boots and even some shoes.

    At Tibby Olivier we advise Shrinking Violet slimming solution and pressotherapy, to give relief to stocky ankles by performing circumferential draining of the calf and ankle area. The procedure stimulates the circulatory system, enhances lymphatic drainage and helps eliminate liquids, fats and toxins that cause cellulite, oedema, lymphedema and venous disorders such as varicose veins. But for those women tired of choosing their wardrobe based on cankle concealment, no amount of time or money will stand in their way.

    Exercise and diet just can’t improve cellulite, baggy knees or cankles, but you can get a leg up on improving these problem areas with a visit to our Shrinking Violet therapists and ask about our Shrinking Violet Spa Rituals Treatment Programmes. Tibby Olivier owner and Inventor of Shrinking Violet Spa Treatments has decades of experience in body contouring and are on the forefront of the latest advancements in non-surgical treatment of both face and body. With the spa therapists expertise and hands on skill, there’s no reason you can’t have stand out legs.

    Are You Multi-Masking?

    Are You Multi-Masking?

    “A mask is a spa-like experience. Multi-masking forces you to cool down and relax while you wait for the treatment to work,” explains Tibby Olivier.

    “During this downtime you can be kind to yourself, concentrate on your breathing and meditate. It’s only a few minutes but what a world of difference it does for your face and your health.”

    Created in Korea, this trend involves applying several masks at the same time in different zones of the face to target the needs of each area. A way to personalise your beauty routine, multi-masking addresses our skin’s range of requirements since not every area has the same needs. For example, use a purifying mask (Maskerade Mask) on your t-zone, one for anti-ageing (Faith Lift Mask) on your cheeks and neck, and a soothing, fresh mask around the contour of the eyes (Faith Lift Eye) With this approach to masks, the possibilities are endless…

    The Secret To A Successful Salon

    The Secret To A Successful Salon

    You decorate the salon…

    You start to hire a team…

    You open a salon…

    You start attracting clients…

    And then…

    You realise you’re no longer a therapist or a hairdresser anymore, you’re a business owner!

    Oh no!

    Today I want to share with you the 4 corners of your business you should always be focused on and why.

    We are in an amazing creative industry which is so inspiring, passionate and full of some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. The trends, collections, new techniques, products and skills develop at the speed of light, we are one of the most innovative and creative industries. Which expands into fashion, health, fitness, photography and so much more, all of which we need to incorporate into our salons everyday.

    But here is the problem…

    The very reason our industry is so amazing can also be the very reason you fall down. There are simply just so many distractions, opportunities and demands of our attention. It is only natural that we gravitate towards what we know, but this can draw us back into our comfort zones. The creative needs to be of equal importance to the business elements and although maybe not as enjoyable to begin with, as the business owner this is where your focus now needs to be. You need to make that shift from therapist/hairdresser to business owner – you need to become the #ItTakesAPro.

    What’s next?

    Lets dive into the secret, when I mentor my clients I teach them about the 4 corners of their business. They should always be working or focusing on these 4 corners at any time. Let me give you a simple overview of what that looks like:

    The first corner is your PRODUCTS & SERVICES. From a business point of view, you should always be reviewing the services and products you offer making sure they meet the needs of your clientele. But let’s just take one step further. As the salon owner you also need to know the business costs and profit margins in pounds and percentage of each of the products and services you offer. These numbers should be the root source from which you make all business decisions from – the numbers.

    For example, a Shrinking Violet Booster Kit costs £195 and consists of 25 full body treatments! So the cost per service is £7.80 per full body treatment and a salon’s RRP for a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap on average is £80 – £99 per treatment, that’s a staggering profit of over £90 per Wrap per hour, ask yourself what do your other treatments cost and what revenue and profit do they bring in? So to clarify that’s over 90% profit per treatment! WOW!

    (*Based on £99)

    The second corner is your MARKETING which will feed down from your numbers giving you a simple guideline on what you need to promote and when, not only that but it will also highlight to you the profit margins you have to play with. This is also where you want to get creative. I don’t often advocate offers or money off, but when you look into these numbers you can build promotions by batching treatments and services together or creating bespoke services for a limited time and so on. As well as the numbers when it comes to marketing you should have a crystal clear vision of who your marketing to, with your client avatar live in your business. You want to get your whole team on board and aware of your ideal client. And lastly from a numbers perspective, set your marketing budget and stick to it – don’t allow yourself to be caught up in the moment.

    Another example here would be to offer a course of Shrinking Violet Body Wraps on an offer of say “buy 6 get 1 free” – this way the client pays upfront for a course of six and you are in charge of any client last minute cancellations! Or up sell another treatment whilst the client is already tying up the treatment room for an hour with the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap on, a half price Faith Lift Facial as a special one off offer, leads to the clients enjoying two treatments rather than one, and paying for two treatments on a discounted rate (of course!) for future appointments. Your clients time is key, so coming in to the salon or spa for one appointment rather than four separate ones is a win win, for time critical clients who value their weekends with their families.

    Your third corner is your TEAM. Working on your team and having the right people in your business is crucial if you want to scale and grow. Having the wrong people can be very time consuming, counter-productive and most of all very expensive. We want to make sure we have the right team who we can invest in to grow our business and drive the culture forward, so even when we are not there the ship sails smoothly. Make sure you have training plans in place to nurture and grow your awesome team members. But the sooner rather than later you can deter the wrong people the better.

    And finally, my favourite and area of expertise – SYSTEMS. Once your other three corners are in place you now need systems in place to begin to lay the foundations for your business to scale and replicate. This sets the standards, policies and processes in which you expect every aspect of your business to be conducted. This will save you immeasurable amount of time in training new and existing staff whilst creating consistency feeding into and building your brand awareness. Having these systems LIVE in your business is not only a tangible asset but will be the key to having freedom and lifestyle from your business.

    A new Task system will be launched here soon! Watch this space!

    If you want to learn more about these corners and how you can implement them into your business immediately, then come and join me on Tuesday 4th September at 10.00am where I am hosting a 60 minute FREE training session – “4 Secret Steps You Need to Take Now to Scale & Grow Your Salon, Whilst Living the Lifestyle with Freedom & Income You Deserve”.

    In this free training session you will learn:

    1. The foundation to scale and grow your salon.
    2. How to be the owner and not a therapist/stylist
    3. How to be free from your Salon
    4. How to gain full control of the salon, even when your not there.
    5. How to build lasting assets for the business.
    6. How to stand out from other salons in your area.
    7. New Task system launch!

    Become the #ItTakesAPro you were born to be

    Reserve your place NOW!

    Fear Not The Growing Medi-Spa

    Fear Not The Growing Medi-Spa

    All industries fear change.  Change is often seen as the threat beyond our control.  What goes on in the business world around us is more than we can control. But more change in the business world leads to more opportunity. The developments in the Day Spa and growing medical Spa fields are no different.

    We often talk with beauty therapists and spa owners that are concerned about keeping competitive with the high-tech and often high expense of the medical Spa market.  But, what is happening in the Spa world is more of an evolution into specialisation than a turn towards the great ice age of the Beauty Salon / Day Spa market.

    The medical Spa is a slice of the pie that we all share in the beauty and wellness industry. This is the same pie shared by dermatologists and podiatrists with our Spa aestheticians and nail technicians. We have yet to even grasp the potential size of the beauty and wellness pie.

    The great news for every piece of our industry is exponential growth of Spa goers we see entering the market.  Spa has become more popular with terms like “Spa Time” and “home Spa” which have massive hashtag followings on Instagram. Our job as beauty salon and day spa owners and operators is to target this new market expansion and then grow them into loyal beauty salon and day spa clients. The process of growing our beauty and wellness pie is much harder than keeping a client that has already tasted and enjoys the slice of the pie we already provide. So, getting the client to our salon or spa maybe a 30 year process, but based on the experience we provide they should come back to us every 4-6 weeks for life.

    The medical spa’s birth and maturity will only enhance what beauty salons and day spas already sell. We in the beauty salon and day spa industry matured years ago and we have already mastered the experience of wellness, not just beauty and wellness treatments.

    Look at other industries for example, restaurants did not see coffee sales plummet as Starbucks opened thousands of coffee houses nationwide. If anything, the addition of Starbucks brought awareness and growth potential to all places selling coffee. This specialisation within the coffee market has also spurred other non-related economic growth with coffee cakes, coffee ice cream, canned expresso energy drinks and a whole market of at-home expresso equipment. While at the same time, the original coffee leaders see continued growth.

    Our responsibility as traditional beauty salon and day spa owners is not to race to provide the latest medical Spa treatments, but to continue with what has served our slice of the industry’s pie; provide a beauty and wellness experience beyond our clients expectations, sometimes a personal touch and a hands on treatment is exactly what your client wants and needs. If your not meeting that important business component then no amount of laser, light, micro-current, dermabrasion offerings will make you more popular or better.

    How many times have we seen a new facial or body machine come on the market everyone rushes to buy it as they want to be The salon in their area, to be the first to have it on their treatment menu and then see this treatment fade away a couple of years down the line? Or even worse the salon or spa day owner invests heavily into a machine, kills herself and her salon staff pushing the treatment and making the payments, for once it’s paid for to sit there in the corner of the beauty room gathering dust?

    Hands on beauty treatments and spa rituals will never go out of fashion and yield just as good a result immediately and long term, for example Shrinking Violet Body Wrap was tried and tested and came second! Second to all the machines it was tested against see the full story on the link below!! No investment into hugely expensive machines that nearly kill you trying to pay for them or stop you sleeping at night as your hot sweating your next credit card bill statement landing? The investment in this type of machinery can be the differences in buying a Fiesta or a Ferrari, that’s not to say there isn’t a place for all types of machinery in the industry there is but is it really for you? Do you want the pressure of keeping up with the jones so to speak with expensive beauty equipment, when you have all the tools you need in your own hands, manual lymphatic drainage yields dramatic results on both the face and the body, and when combined with the likes of Shrinking Violet this occlusive therapy plus a clinically proven slimming solution what more could you need for great long lasting results. The proof is in the pudding so to speak we have long lasting relationships with our salons and spas who love our treatments, as their own clients return again and again demanding results, which are only achieved by our therapists and day spas using our products, we all work together it’s a combined connection of you and us. Salons may go off and try other products who doesn’t but they return again and again. We love hearing from salons and spas we haven’t spoken to in a while, like seeing an old friend it’s a nice warm experience we welcome everyone old and new.

    Our Faith Lift Non Surgical Face Lifting System is the same, no expensive facial machines, pure hands on lifting and draining and a product ingredient that lifts and lifts, even I forget how good this little pot of liquid gold mask is when I haven’t used it for a while, twelve years in and it still blows me away every time. No Faith required just pure lightening Lift.

    The dynamics and treatment offerings within wellness are in a constant state of evolution. Beauty salons and day spa owners should feel they are gaining exposure through this growth.

    Here are a few tips to keep your beauty salon or day spa fresh and competitive within your market:


    Don’t throw away your treatment menu, but add treatments that relate to current wellness trends, for example see our previous blog re Shrining Violet at The Sha Wellness clinic in Spain and adapt it to your hands on treatment menu, you could change one treatment into three separate spa rituals:

    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

    Shrinking Violet, the revolutionary clinically proven inch loss body wrap, a treatment so powerfully fat busting, that one 60 minute application can result in a reduction of up to one whole dress size. The top line result from the clinical trial is up to 2.5% fat reduction per application. Its active ingredients penetrate cells and fat busting formula acts as an ideal slimming solution.

    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a painless, effortless process that successfully removes fat in problem areas, such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen, engineered to also work on cellulite, fluid retention, sluggish circulation and detoxification. The supreme in inch loss body wraps for shrinking those inches.

    Shrinking Sheer Bliss

    A 60 minutes of pure inch loss bliss, this spa ritual incorporates body brushing and full body exfoliation to refresh and stimulate, bespoke lymphatic mapping followed by a lymphatic drainage massage sequence tailored to your individual bodies needs using the clinically proven Shrinking Violet inch loss oil. This spa ritual will decongest your lymphatic system, whilst encompassing our fat busting formula to shrink those inches, an intensive anti-cellulite treatment encouraging the elimination of toxins and excess fluid, boosts circulation and aid in slimming. Highly effective inch loss. 

    Shrinking Extreme Booster

    The ultimate extreme boost, this 120 minute treatment combines the powerful results of a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap with the blissful, relaxing, bespoke massage ritual of Shrinking Sheer Bliss with spectacular results, boosting your body confidence by reducing fat, detoxifying, improving cellulite and fluid retention. Shrinking those inches in a haze of lavender heavenly bliss, target all problem areas and also leaves the skin feeling firmer, smoother and more toned. Shrinking Extreme Booster unequalable in powerful fat reduction and body sculpting.

    If you can body wrap and massage there’s three treatments, or your clients wants to have a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, which will tie your treatment room up for an hour, so why not up sell to the client, whilst she in already on the treatment couch, she could have a Faith Lift Facial, we usually recommend offering Faith Lift Facial half price as it’s the 1st time they have tried it, or you may say half face free! as they will love both results of the Wrap and the facial so much, they then associate the two treatments together when booking with pure relaxation, face lifting and shrinking inches #shrinkingsheerbliss


    Speaking of beauty salon and spa menus, does your treatment descriptions do a good job of explaining the benefits? Most spa menus are flowery prose more fit for a Shakespearean sonnet.  Express the results your client should see. How will they look and feel after your Shrinking Violet Body Wrap? Helps you look and feel more Sculpted, Firmed and Toned! #shrinkinginches

    Just be sure your claims are based on the real outcome of the service and try the treatments yourself so you can describe how you looked felt and maybe can even improve the treatment, we love all feedback to help improve our treatments.

    Make the connection

    Find out what keeps your clients coming back (or more importantly why they don’t come back). Do a good intake interview and ask questions. What did you like about your last body treatment? What do you expect a facial to be? What two issues with your skin would you like to address today? You’ll get a wealth of information about a a persons expectations and past likes and dislikes if you just ask. Also check your booking system what can you see is the most popular treatment, is this because it’s being pushed constantly, or because your therapist only likes waxing or nails, or quick treatments? Or maybe they are just not recommended to the client?

    Do you or your staff prescribe home solutions for your clients to use after they leave the salon to keep that treatment working at its optimum until she comes back for her next treatments?

    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap has been voted one of the best fat reducing treatments! Mrs Hippi Homecare was number three!

    Open your professional beauty account here:




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