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      Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Clinical Trial Results

      We are thrilled to have clinically trialled Shrinking violet body wrap and were amazed by the results.

      The Independent Clinical Trials have proven:

      • One treatment with Shrinking Violet can reduce body fat up to 2.5%
      • 91% had total losses of more than 2 inches.
      • 83% with a total loss still greater than 2 inches at 24 hour’s post-treatment.

      Increases in skin firmness immediately post-treatment and increased skin elasticity was observed immediately post-treatment and this effect was further increased at 24 hours.

      The active ingredient has been used previously in fat jabs to reduce fat by injecting directly into fatty tissues.

      The shrinking violet body wrap formula is formulated to give an immediate inch loss effect that carried on working after 24 hours.

      The independent clinical trials have shown a shrinking violet body wrap treatment particularly helps to reduce fat in those stubborn/difficult areas such as thighs, bottom and hips.

      The treatment is non-invasive and pain free

      98% would recommend to a friend


      Under the conditions of this study, the test treatment, Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wrap, was shown to be extremely effective and was very well-liked by the test subjects.  The data therefore aids support for the claims “Removes fat from difficult areas”, “Non-invasive and pain-free” and “Reduce by a dress size in a single treatment (up to a 2 inch loss)”.



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