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      Faith Lift

      Faith Lift

      Our best selling Faith Lift Mask has been reformulated to be more powerful and offer the skin even more visibly smoothing lifting benefits. This new Two Step Duo has an amplified formula which features a cocktail of herbal extracts.

      Step One:- The Faith Lift Mask is thinly applied with the damp mask brush, then left to firm & lift.
      Step Two:- Once the mask has set Faith Lift Cream is applied via The Prayer Method:-

      Warm a little face cream into the cup of your hand and press your hands together in a prayer movement, then using both hands, push and press into the skin, pat not rub onto the whole Face, Neck & Décolleté, this technique is not only less damaging on the skin structure, but it also increases the absorption and effectiveness of the ingredients as well as stimulate the blood flow, giving a nice glow to the skin. Patting helps your products absorb quickly and effectively, keep apply face cream until skin feels plump and hydrated, moisture barrier enhancers visibly firm, smooth and lift, leaving the skin feeling lifted and repaired.



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