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    Blog — What The Papers Say

    Shrinking Violet, Talise Spa, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

    Shrinking Violet, Talise Spa, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

    Reviewed by Farah Andrews

    Now that summer is winding down and bikini season is back in full swing here in the UAE, the extra meal out we enjoyed on holiday in Europe and that
    brunch we headed to, ‘Because it was just too hot to be doing anything else’ have truly caught up with us. So, naturally when we were offered a quick-fix in the shape of a Shrinking Violet body wrap at Talise Spa, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, we jumped at the chance.

    After stepping into the super-sleek spa and fitness centre, we were lead up to a consultation room where our InBody vital statistics were taken and our therapist measured each of our main target areas.

    It was then time to begin the wrap. An oil was applied all over the body, before we were wrapped in a robust, cling-film like plastic and left to ‘cook’ on a heated blanket, covered in towels and left to sweat it out for an hour.


    Our therapist then explained the science to us. The heat generated from the wrap forces the oil into the skin where the active ingredient is attracted to our fat cells, and it breaks down the fatty acids.

    When we were unwrapped after a very relaxing hour of cooking – which even saw us slip off to sleep! – we were re-measured, and in the matter of an hour we’d dropped a wonderful 14cm across our body and, most impressively, a staggering 4cm from our hips. We then stepped on the InBody machine to have the centimetres backed up with more statistics. Overall we lost 1.2kg in the course of the hour we spent snoozing. ‘Oh, it’s just sweat,’ we hear you cry. No doubt that played a part, but the total percentage of body fat had dropped by 1.4 per cent – not too shabby considering we’d done little more than lie flat for 60
    minutes. For the rest of the day we were encouraged not to shower or bathe, so that the oils could continue to work their magic. And that was us, 100 per cent hooked on Shrinking Violet.

    Shrinking Violet recommend a course of two sessions in 72 hours for a booster loss, and, for prolonged results, follow up with one session a week.

    Call Talise Spa for more information on timings and pricing on 04 406 8800, or head to jumierah.com

    Closer: Danielle Lloyd Shares Surprising Weight Loss Tip

    Closer: Danielle Lloyd Shares Surprising Weight Loss Tip

    Danielle Lloyd is already a dedicated follower of diet and fitness.

    But it seems now the mum-of-three is resorting to even more measures in a bid to keep her famous figure.

    Sharing a photo to her Instagram page, Danielle revealed an interesting new weight loss technique – a ‘shrinky suit.’

    The suit, designed to help you lose inches off your problem areas, was provided by evolve inch loss, who also conduct non invasive lipo procedures, botox, skin tightening and body wraps, to name but a few.

    Danielle has always been a fan of the salon, that is based near her home in Sutton Coldfield, and often undergoes procedures there.

    But just in case she can’t make it down to the salon, Danielle now has her very own at home kit to help her keep the pounds off.

    The whole thing works by applying Shrinking Violet solution to your body, before putting the suit over it and waiting for the inches to drop off.

    The suit causes your body temperature to use, which encourages sweating and helps cleanse the body of toxins. The solution has lots of ingredients that are also meant to encourage this effect, leaving you looking and feeling slimmer and less bloated.

    Well it certainly looks like it’s working for Danielle, doesn’t it?

    Warning: May make you look slightly like an astronaut.



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