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    Shrinking Violet Anti-Cellulite Massage - The Best Natural Cellulite Treatment

    Shrinking Violet Anti-Cellulite Massage - The Best Natural Cellulite Treatment

    Cellulite affects most women at some point of time in their lives regardless of their build, weight or health issues.

    While some women opt for result-driven machines that help reduce cellulite (cavitation), there are many who would first like to try reducing cellulite naturally.
    One of the best ways to do this naturally is through having regular Shrinking Violet Anti-Cellulite Massages.

    Here’s why:

    Cellulite appears because of fat that gets accumulated under the skin to form lumps.

    These lumps are usually caused by poor blood circulation, fluid retention, and inefficient lymphatic drainage. In order to reverse this, you need to break down that accumulated fat and boost blood circulation in the area, that’s exactly what a Cellulite Massage does.

    A Shrinking Violet Anti-Cellulite Massage works two-fold: firstly massage to break up these fatty tissues, improve the lymphatic system, and get rid of fluids that are being retained in the body. Because of the kneading and pressure applied, it also significantly improves blood flow to the area. Secondly our fat bursting slimming solution gets to work Shrinking Inches immediately.

    What makes an Anti-Cellulite Massage different than a regular massage is the technique and firm pressure that is applied to the body in order to break down these cellulite deposits. It also targets the lymphatic system, which is the system that flushes fluid and toxins that build up within the body.

    Unlike cellulite creams, which we believe aren't as effective as our essential oil based body oils, blended with our fat busting active ingredients, they certainly pack a punch when helping to aid the breaking down of cellulite. Taking care of the outer appearance of cellulite, an Anti-Cellulite Massage addresses the root of the problem from within.

    If you aren’t ready to undergo treatment for cellulite reduction and are finding old cellulite creams to be ineffective, then taking a course of Anti-Cellulite Massages is an option to consider, combined with Shrinking Violet slimming solutions you will see an immediate inch loss, firming and toning.

    Shrinking Violet Body Wraps and Shrinking Violet Anti-Cellulite Massages are available from a beauty therapist near you. #AskTibby

    Shrinking Violet Cellulite Oil for home use.

    Phenomenal Results From Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro

    Phenomenal Results From Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro

    I have been using Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro for a few weeks now and it’s phenomenal. I had amazing results from Shrinking Violet professional body wraps but this is something different!

    I do a lot of cavitation fat loss treatments and I wanted something that I could use with the cavitation, to make it not only more effective but also to add to a body transformation package. 

     The results I have had from the Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro treatment have been unbelievable. My clients are loving it. I am delighted and to say this has hugely accelerated the Inch Loss and the response from the treatment to say it is unbelievable is an understatement. 

    I already loved Shrinking Violet Body Wraps but Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro results are off the scale for my clients and my salon. Love Love Love!

     I am looking forward to taking this treatment to another level in the new year! Thank you Tibby Olivier!

    Joanna Johnstone Beauty Therapist December 2018

    Weight Loss vs Inch Loss – What To Focus On For Your New Year’s Resolution

    Weight Loss vs Inch Loss – What To Focus On For Your New Year’s Resolution

    If you’ve struggled to keep up with your slimming goals in 2018, don’t fret.. Just start fresh!

    Before making any body shape resolutions for 2019, get a firm idea on what you want to achieve - weight loss or inch loss?

    Most women are obsessed with the weight scale results – however, getting low numbers on the scale doesn’t necessarily mean your body is in your desired shape or form.

    Despite working out hard and following strict diets, if you don’t see a difference in your physical appearance (especially in problem areas such as your thighs, hips and arms), it’s probably because you’ve focused more on losing weight, not inches.

    Why Inch Loss Matters More Than Weight Loss

    Focusing on just weight loss might reduce your number on the scale, without really helping you see significant changes in your problem areas. You might even weigh less, but still have the same body frame.

    While the number on the scale may decrease, this decrease can signify anything from a reduction in your muscle mass, body fat, or water ratio.

    Inch loss on the other hand is focused on toning your body evenly and targeting specific problem areas, while lowering your body-fat percentage and increasing your metabolic rate - thus improving your physical fitness considerably.

    We highly recommend Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wraps to target localised fat deposits and lose inches.

    These non-invasive inch loss technologies help shape your body and give you results that are not always possible with a diet and exercise routine.

    Pre Christmas Detox

    Pre Christmas Detox

    Most people wait until after Christmas to begin dieting to take off the festive pounds. But did you know that you could prepare your body in advance to help you more efficiently eliminate waste, keep your body healthier, and avoid some of that Christmas weight gain? Yes, there are many benefits to detoxing before Christmas.

    A friend of mine told me about the benefits of detoxing before Christmas and ever since then I have been a total fan of the process. I’ve found that when I purify my body before the festivities that my body is then able to survive the Christmas onslaught better. Of course, even when you do pre-Christmas detoxing, the key to enjoying the festivities without much damage is to eat in moderation. But here are some tips to help you detox before Christmas to avoid accumulating all those unwanted toxins.

    Our body has its own natural way of eliminating toxins and purifying itself. However, your body can use some help to improve its performance sometimes. With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your body to work more efficiently. During the festivities, we tend to eat a little more than usual and eating a little less healthy, too. So detoxing early will help prevent your body from going into overload mode later. Here are a few suggestions to help with that.

    Start your day with a glass of warm water.

    When purifying your body, it’s a good idea to start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon in it. This warm lemon water isn’t quite as good as the morning tea or coffee that you might be used to, but it will help stimulate your liver to begin the cleansing process.

    Add veggies.

    You’ll also want to add more fresh veggies into your diet. Cooked veggies are great, but when detoxing, you’ll want to eat a lot of raw, leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, and celery. These raw veggies help cleanse the blood system and replaces important enzymes. Your meals should be mostly veggies with small portions of lean protein. Untoasted nuts and seeds are also natural detoxifying foods.

    Fruits are good too.

    Fruits such as berries, bananas, apples, pears and watermelons are all known for their cleansing properties. So smoothies are great when you’re doing a pre-Christmas detox.

    Reduce unnecessary additives.

    You’ll also want to reduce the amount of salt and refined sugars that you consume while you’re detoxing. This helps your kidneys to work at peak performance. Other foods to avoid include processed foods, alcohol and caffeinated drinks, because they can overwork the liver and cause a build-up of toxins. Gluten-heavy grains as well as milk and soy-based products should also be avoided. Be sure to choose gluten-free alternatives when selecting bread and coconut or almond milk are great milk substitutes.

    Kick Start Your Pre Christmas Detox with Shrinking Violet Body Wraps!

    Want a Shrinking Bath! Then SlimBathe is for you! 

    Waist Training?


    Bums & Tums your area of concern?

    Be the best version of YOU!

    Remove inches in your problem areas, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. 

    If you’re in good health, then a gentle detox will help you keep your body in optimal condition during the holiday season. Keep in mind that children and pregnant women should NOT detox and of course, if you have a medical condition, you’ll want to consult your physician first.


    30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge

    30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge

    In time for Christmas, you could be looking great and feeling fabulous, up to a dress size smaller with the confidence to be the life and soul of the party!

    How Soon Could You Drop a Dress Size?

    Shrinking Violet helps to drop a dress size after one treatment! see how soon you could be in that Little Black Dress!

    What is the Little Black Dress Challenge?

    The LBD Challenge is a 6-12 week plan of activities designed to boost your motivation, keep you focussed, help you lose weight and drop dress sizes... in time for the Christmas celebrations.

    How Does The Little Black Dress Challenge Work?

    Choose your challenge tasks to complete each week. You can do a new tasks each week, or repeat ones you have done before.
    Plan your treatments of the 30-90 day Shrinking Violet Home Kit
    Fill in your food diary
    Share your Christmas look - inspire yourself to succeed
    Stay Within Your Weekly Calorie Quota and lose weight

    I Did It

    One small thing you can do every day:

    - Body Brush and apply Shrinking Violet Cellulite Oil
    - 30 - 45 mins Toning Exercises in a Week - tone up those wobbly bits!
    - Apply Shrinking Violet slimming solution before exercising to boost those results
    - Eat Your 5 - A - Day - get a healthy glow
    - Get your Shrinking Violet Shrinky Suit on!
    - Drink Water before meals boost your weight loss
    - Spa at home with Shrinking Violet Home kit
    - Fill in your Journal Every Day identify things that trip you up
    - Take a SlimBathe bath
    - 90 - 150 mins Aerobic Exercise in a Week get fit and burn calories
    - Apply Shrinking Violet slimming solution AM & PM
    - Apply Bums & Tums for those hard to loose areas

    We Did It

    "What a successful challenge it has been for me. Over the 10 week period I have lost 15.5 lbs, an average rate of loss of 1.55 lbs a week... and I have dropped a dress size"

    "Completed the challenge today!! 2 stones lighter and feeling good!!"

    "I am in my party dress, 8 weeks into the Challenge. I get to wear it to a party with some friends who haven't seen me in ages! Very excited."

    Take the Little Black Dress Challenge!

    For a chance to win some Shrinking Violet goodies, just send to us your before and after pictures, plus a photo of you looking gorgeous in your Little Black Dress!

    Competition entries to be in by 18th December.
    Winner announced the 19th December.

    Terms & Conditions apply.


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