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      Immortelle Roses

      Immortelle Roses

      Eternal Roses

      Our Immortelle Rose Collection consists of real everlasting roses, available in a wide colour palette.  At the time of their most beautiful bloom the roses are carefully treated with our propriety formula which stops the growth of the rose at its most perfect state and perfumed to smell exquisite. The lifespan of these roses can last longer than a year if taken care of properly. No need to water or maintain. The perfect luxury gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Christmas Presents, Mother’s Day, Thank You, New Arrival, Home and even Corporate Gifts. 

      Immortelle stands for beautiful rose, everlasting, eternal luxury.

      Each shipment of the Immortelle Rose Collection arrives in a Keepsake box, black, white or grey, round or squared shaped, they can be used directly as gift boxes or decorative pieces for your home.

      Sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Luxury.

      Our roses are available in more than 25 unique colours from intense to more delicate hues.



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