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    Phenomenal Results From Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro

    Phenomenal Results From Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro

    I have been using Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro for a few weeks now and it’s phenomenal. I had amazing results from Shrinking Violet professional body wraps but this is something different!

    I do a lot of cavitation fat loss treatments and I wanted something that I could use with the cavitation, to make it not only more effective but also to add to a body transformation package. 

     The results I have had from the Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro treatment have been unbelievable. My clients are loving it. I am delighted and to say this has hugely accelerated the Inch Loss and the response from the treatment to say it is unbelievable is an understatement. 

    I already loved Shrinking Violet Body Wraps but Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro results are off the scale for my clients and my salon. Love Love Love!

     I am looking forward to taking this treatment to another level in the new year! Thank you Tibby Olivier!

    Joanna Johnstone Beauty Therapist December 2018

    Weight Loss vs Inch Loss – What To Focus On For Your New Year’s Resolution

    Weight Loss vs Inch Loss – What To Focus On For Your New Year’s Resolution

    If you’ve struggled to keep up with your slimming goals in 2018, don’t fret.. Just start fresh!

    Before making any body shape resolutions for 2019, get a firm idea on what you want to achieve - weight loss or inch loss?

    Most women are obsessed with the weight scale results – however, getting low numbers on the scale doesn’t necessarily mean your body is in your desired shape or form.

    Despite working out hard and following strict diets, if you don’t see a difference in your physical appearance (especially in problem areas such as your thighs, hips and arms), it’s probably because you’ve focused more on losing weight, not inches.

    Why Inch Loss Matters More Than Weight Loss

    Focusing on just weight loss might reduce your number on the scale, without really helping you see significant changes in your problem areas. You might even weigh less, but still have the same body frame.

    While the number on the scale may decrease, this decrease can signify anything from a reduction in your muscle mass, body fat, or water ratio.

    Inch loss on the other hand is focused on toning your body evenly and targeting specific problem areas, while lowering your body-fat percentage and increasing your metabolic rate - thus improving your physical fitness considerably.

    We highly recommend Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wraps to target localised fat deposits and lose inches.

    These non-invasive inch loss technologies help shape your body and give you results that are not always possible with a diet and exercise routine.

    Pre Christmas Detox

    Pre Christmas Detox

    Most people wait until after Christmas to begin dieting to take off the festive pounds. But did you know that you could prepare your body in advance to help you more efficiently eliminate waste, keep your body healthier, and avoid some of that Christmas weight gain? Yes, there are many benefits to detoxing before Christmas.

    A friend of mine told me about the benefits of detoxing before Christmas and ever since then I have been a total fan of the process. I’ve found that when I purify my body before the festivities that my body is then able to survive the Christmas onslaught better. Of course, even when you do pre-Christmas detoxing, the key to enjoying the festivities without much damage is to eat in moderation. But here are some tips to help you detox before Christmas to avoid accumulating all those unwanted toxins.

    Our body has its own natural way of eliminating toxins and purifying itself. However, your body can use some help to improve its performance sometimes. With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your body to work more efficiently. During the festivities, we tend to eat a little more than usual and eating a little less healthy, too. So detoxing early will help prevent your body from going into overload mode later. Here are a few suggestions to help with that.

    Start your day with a glass of warm water.

    When purifying your body, it’s a good idea to start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon in it. This warm lemon water isn’t quite as good as the morning tea or coffee that you might be used to, but it will help stimulate your liver to begin the cleansing process.

    Add veggies.

    You’ll also want to add more fresh veggies into your diet. Cooked veggies are great, but when detoxing, you’ll want to eat a lot of raw, leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, and celery. These raw veggies help cleanse the blood system and replaces important enzymes. Your meals should be mostly veggies with small portions of lean protein. Untoasted nuts and seeds are also natural detoxifying foods.

    Fruits are good too.

    Fruits such as berries, bananas, apples, pears and watermelons are all known for their cleansing properties. So smoothies are great when you’re doing a pre-Christmas detox.

    Reduce unnecessary additives.

    You’ll also want to reduce the amount of salt and refined sugars that you consume while you’re detoxing. This helps your kidneys to work at peak performance. Other foods to avoid include processed foods, alcohol and caffeinated drinks, because they can overwork the liver and cause a build-up of toxins. Gluten-heavy grains as well as milk and soy-based products should also be avoided. Be sure to choose gluten-free alternatives when selecting bread and coconut or almond milk are great milk substitutes.

    Kick Start Your Pre Christmas Detox with Shrinking Violet Body Wraps!

    Want a Shrinking Bath! Then SlimBathe is for you! 

    Waist Training?


    Bums & Tums your area of concern?

    Be the best version of YOU!

    Remove inches in your problem areas, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. 

    If you’re in good health, then a gentle detox will help you keep your body in optimal condition during the holiday season. Keep in mind that children and pregnant women should NOT detox and of course, if you have a medical condition, you’ll want to consult your physician first.


    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Kit: First Impressions

    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Kit: First Impressions

    Body wraps have been around for a while, offering a “quick fix” to losing inches on problem areas, making you skinnier in seconds. I’ve never been a true believer in them. They may shave the inches temporarily, but, in my opinion, the only real way to effectively lose weight permanently is maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular exercise.

    But, my theories were tested when Shrinking Violet sent me their home edition body wrap kitto review.

    The kit contains an oil to apply to ‘problem areas’, a measuring cup, tape measure, a sheet to record your measurements and the extremely trendy shrinky suit.

    Basically, you apply one cup of the oil to wherever you want to target, be it your legs stomach, arms etc, then you slip in to the shrinky suit and let it work it’s magic for one hour. You can either carry on with your day (I probably wouldn’t pop to the shops in it), or you can do a workout while wearing it.

    The shrinky suit helps raise the body temperature, which apparently helps the solution get to work breaking down fat cells and increasing sweat excretion (attractive).

    I have to say I was pretty warm wearing the shrinky suit and I just decided I’d wear it while watching celebrity big brother! Either the suit really does generate more body heat or Stevi Ritchie’s hip thrusting was really getting me hot under the collar. Let’s go with the shrinky suit works…

    Honestly, I didn’t feel like it was doing anything except making me a bit warm, so when I removed the suit after an hour, I was surprised to find a 1 inch loss around my stomach.

    The instructions say the oil will have soaked into your skin and will continue to work on breaking down fat cells over the next 24 hours so I was intrigued to see if I lost any more. But I didn’t. I have remained at 1 inch smaller though, which is a positive!

    You can use this kit every 7 days and I have a month’s supply, so I’m going to follow up this post with a final review after I’ve used the whole kit to see whether it really made a difference, but so far, so good!

    The Shrinking Violet Home Edition Body Wrap Kit is £129.

    Dollface Blogs

    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap! Review

    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap! Review

    The lovely team at Shrinking Violet were kind enough to let me try out and review for myself their new product, which I think is on its way to revolutionising the weight loss world! Before I get into what the body wrap does lets talk about the packaging! I must  say I am a sucker for pretty packaging which looks clean and crisp and not too OTT. When I got this out of the box it came in I was so delighted with the look and feel of it ♥ Purple is such a pretty colour and the box cover felt so smooth and looked so neat, it did have a ribbon with tape measure detail on it but I was so excited I opened it before the photos 🙂
    What is it?
    The shrinking violet wrap is basically what it says! It is a wrap, well in this case a suit that you put on with the solution included which helps you to loose weight and get rid of bad toxins!  It is that easy right!? Yes indeed it is, you simply rub on the solution given to any areas that you think are a problem to you, pop on the suit and wait! You leave it on for up to an hour and can sit still, exercise and go about your daily business…..just remember to put the suit on AFTER the postman comes otherwise you may get some strange looks haha
    The suit helps to increase your body temperature which in turn helps you to sweat out the toxins and in effect lose weight a little at a time. The box includes a tape measure and measurement cards, so before you start do measure yourself and keep note to record how much you have lost! After my first time I saw immediate results and lost 3cm in some areas and 1cm in others! You also leave the solution on for 72 hours after rubbing it in your skin to see even further results!
    All the information is included in the booklet, with questions and answers. The solution smells so wonderful, a strong lavender smell which reminds me of relaxing!
    Does it work?

    The thing with all weight loss products that you must remember everyone is different so what works for one person may not work for another. Also it isnt' a thing where you can sit in the shrinky suit and eat burgers and fries and expect to lose weight. With anything it takes mental dedication in wanting to improve yourself but I think what is great about this is it helps to cleanse your body in a healthy way with you doing as little or as much as you want. Keeping hydrated is always important and using this product is a great way to keep on top of this as you are losing sweat and need to keep hydrated.

    For me it did work with immediate results, even it was only a little decrease in weight! For the best results it is recommended you take the 90 day challenge which I am looking to do and see what results I get then!
    I have read it can take up to 6 inches off your body!
    If you are really serious about weight loss and the health of your body I would really recommend this. Even if you are on a shake diet or reducing your meals I think this could be the next step.
    Much love



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