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      Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Kit: First Impressions

      Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Kit: First Impressions

      Body wraps have been around for a while, offering a “quick fix” to losing inches on problem areas, making you skinnier in seconds. I’ve never been a true believer in them. They may shave the inches temporarily, but, in my opinion, the only real way to effectively lose weight permanently is maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular exercise.

      But, my theories were tested when Shrinking Violet sent me their home edition body wrap kitto review.

      The kit contains an oil to apply to ‘problem areas’, a measuring cup, tape measure, a sheet to record your measurements and the extremely trendy shrinky suit.

      Basically, you apply one cup of the oil to wherever you want to target, be it your legs stomach, arms etc, then you slip in to the shrinky suit and let it work it’s magic for one hour. You can either carry on with your day (I probably wouldn’t pop to the shops in it), or you can do a workout while wearing it.

      The shrinky suit helps raise the body temperature, which apparently helps the solution get to work breaking down fat cells and increasing sweat excretion (attractive).

      I have to say I was pretty warm wearing the shrinky suit and I just decided I’d wear it while watching celebrity big brother! Either the suit really does generate more body heat or Stevi Ritchie’s hip thrusting was really getting me hot under the collar. Let’s go with the shrinky suit works…

      Honestly, I didn’t feel like it was doing anything except making me a bit warm, so when I removed the suit after an hour, I was surprised to find a 1 inch loss around my stomach.

      The instructions say the oil will have soaked into your skin and will continue to work on breaking down fat cells over the next 24 hours so I was intrigued to see if I lost any more. But I didn’t. I have remained at 1 inch smaller though, which is a positive!

      You can use this kit every 7 days and I have a month’s supply, so I’m going to follow up this post with a final review after I’ve used the whole kit to see whether it really made a difference, but so far, so good!

      The Shrinking Violet Home Edition Body Wrap Kit is £129.

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      Treating Cellulite with the Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro using the Palper Rouler Technique

      Treating Cellulite with the Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro using the Palper Rouler Technique

      Cellulite isn’t anyone’s friend, and even though nearly all women have it, it is still a body concern that many would like to get rid off. Whilst technology has produced different devices sworn to get rid of those little bumps, sometimes it is best to go back to basics. That is what Tibby at Tibby Olivier, swears by with our Shrinking Cellulite technique. Tibby believes that a gorgeous silhouette is for everybody and every body, so whilst we are all wanting cellulite free bodies, we decided to discuss this French treatment with her!

      Did you come up with the technique for this treatment? 
      No, the Palper Rouler is the French term for “pinch and roll." It is believed to be a Middle Eastern technique that has been used for centuries. It has been gaining popularity in France, so we decided to bring this technique to the Shrinking Violet Therapists with our own interpretation and the help of fat busting Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro solution, a perfect combination for maximum results. So we have developed the Shrinking Cellulite Massage protocol using in part the Palper Rouler Technique.

      What are the benefits of this treatment?
      The manual Palper Rouler provides a number of benefits to the human body. First of all, it activates the lymphatic and venous circulation. The lymph system is the body’s internal drainage system, designed to rid your blood of acid and toxic waste. The lymphatic system essentially supports the immune system, drains excess fluids from tissues and transports fats from its digestive system. Through this massage, the accumulated toxins are flushed out to stimulate the body’s natural cleansing. The treatment also reduces water retention, also known as edema. This occurs when excess fluids build up inside your body. It can cause swelling in the hands, feet, ankles and legs. Additionally, the Palper Rouler massage dislocates fat deposits and accelerates lipolysis (fat melting) to lose inches on your body. This technique smooths out the dimples and improves the overall skin texture for a healthy glow. So when combined with Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro solution it’s a double dose for maximum results.

      What are the steps of this treatment?
      The first step is to determine the type of cellulite you have and which zone you want to work on. There are three grades of cellulite:

      Soft cellulite is when the skin has an orange peel appearance and is not painful when touched. This is the easiest to correct rapidly.

      Edematous cellulite is often due to problems of poor circulation aggravated by significant fluid retention, the skin may be painful when touched.

      Hard or solid cellulite is compact and painful when touched. The process may take a bit longer to correct.

      During a session, the Shrinking Violet massage therapist will work zone by zone. Applied solely by hand, Shrinking Extreme Booster is applied to all major lymphatic drains, then Shrinking Violet Lipo Pro solution is applied, our experts will repeat several steps and gestures for each area. The Shrinking Violet massage therapist will start with a preparatory warming up of the tissue before moving into the core technique of the Palper Rouler rolling massage which involves the fat cells and the connective tissue (fascia). The next step includes a myofascial release, which is a therapy relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. Finally, this is concluded with·a fanning massage, which helps flush the toxins
      This treatment is not a one-time deal and requires several sessions. This requires a process of breaking up connective tissue adhesions layer by layer, increasing blood flow as well as muscle and nerve activity. We usually recommend two massages per week for five to eight weeks for best results.

      You may also perform this treatment in these different ways:

      • If your clients wants to get rid of their cellulite, I would recommend a drive phase with a 10 sessions series or 15 sessions series in a short time.
      • If your clients wants to feel better in their body by improving their blood circulation and lymphatic system and flush out toxins, I would recommend maintenance of their system with one or two massages per month.

      Who can perform this treatment?
      I know many of our Shrinking Violet spas in the U.K. that will want to provide this treatment as the results are amazing, but this is a new treatment to expand the Shrinking Violet Spa Rituals, there are also many beauty salons, day spas, med spas or wellness centres whom are very excited too. 

      What is the training for this technique like? 
      Our Shrinking Violet massage therapists are highly trained by ourselves in myofascial, lymphatic drainage and will have expert knowledge in the Palper Rouler technique. Each having their own special touch. Our online training will firstly train the therapists in the theory and then our established Skype training and protocols to demonstrate the different gestures and the core of the technique.

      What makes this treatment different from other massage techniques?
      After this treatment, your clients will not only feel relaxed, but they can also feel a great amount of energy in their body, with the added benefits of our fat busting Shrinking Violet solutions. 

      It seems that there is a wellness component to this treatment as well, can you expand on that? 
      Palper Rouler promotes overall wellness activating both your blood circulation and also the production of endorphins. Endorphins naturally help counter the effects of stress, and as we know, both your body and mind need to be balanced for pure wellness. Counter balanced by the benefits of Lavender essential oil in all our Shrinking Violet solutions to calm and aid sleeplessness. 

      How does this treatment specifically help with cellulite?
      In a few words, it reduces the appearance of the dimples that cellulite creates and breaks down the fat cells. The treatment itself also stimulates the body’s natural cleansing, allowing you to flush out accumulated toxins, this is before Shrinking Violet solutions get to work their magic. 

      What types of clients would you recommend this treatment for?
      I would say the treatment is available for both men and women, but, as 80% to 90% of women experience cellulite at some point in their lives, the majority of our customer base are women. In women, the fat cells and connective tissue in this layer are arranged vertically. In men, the tissue has a criss-cross structure, which may explain why they are less likely to have the visual appearance of cellulite than women.

      Cellulite is not directly a function of excess weight, but a genetic difference in the way the adipose tissue and connective tissue form. It affects people whether they are overweight or not. Cellulite is more prevalent in people who have excess fat, but slim and fit people can also experience it. It is more likely to happen after the age of 25 years, but it can affect younger people as well.

      The causes of cellulite are multiple and with Palper Rouler massage, you can solve the cause as well. These causes may include water retention, lack of blood, lymph and water flow through cellulite-prone areas, hardening of the connective tissue, a toxic lifestyle, etc. This treatment suits a lot of people who want to have a healthy wellness routine and get rid of cellulite. We think you will agree that the Palper Rouler technique is a perfect duo for Shrinking Violet solutions.

      Product Review: Shrinking Violet Home Edition

      Product Review: Shrinking Violet Home Edition

      As you all know by now, I am still in the pursuit of getting back my pre-baby stomach, which means I am always on the lookout for ‘safe’ products to try out. So you can imagine my excitement when the guys at Shrinking Violet, also known as The Loss Leaders, got in touch. I was sent this Shrinking Violet Home Edition by Tibby Olivier, a worldwide leading beauty manufacturer, to try out some weeks ago and I finally got around to trying it.

      I must confess, I was not expecting a miracle, not after going under the ice, and not achieving much from the treatment. I had no expectations, but was happy to try the kit out, since I won’t have to leave the comfort of my home.

      The guys at Shrinking Violet Home Edition Kit say:

      Shrinking Violet is an inch-loss system that has a clinical trial.
      It can help reduce up to 14 inches based on our consumer tests. That inch-loss goes on for 72 hours following the treatment and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle those inches stay off.

      How it works:

      The Shrinking Violet Home Edition includes a Shrinking Violet Oil 200ml worth £75, a measuring cup worth £1.99, a tape measure worth £5.99, record cards and a Shrinky Suit. The total value of the home edition is £129.99.

      To start the treatment, I measure the area to be treated using the tape measure, in this case my stomach, and take note of the measurements, I apply 25ml of oil and rub in properly, then popped the Shrinky Suit on, and set the timer on for an hour.

      Here are my thoughts on the product:


      1. I lost 2 inches! I took off the body suit once the hour was up. I massaged the oil left on the stomach and measured again, and realised I had lost 2 inches already. I was so shocked, I didn’t expect it to work to be honest. It was the easiest 2 inches I had ever lost in my life!
      2. I found the instructions clear and straight forward. Everything was written in black and white, like a little Dummies’ Guide.
      3. I love the fragrance of the body oil. It reminds me of a Spa, and how I am badly in need of a Spa Day.
      4. I like the fact that I could go about my business as normal wearing the Shrinky Suit. I didn’t have to sit still or anything. I was comfortable enough to carry on like I would have wearing my PJs.
      5. My sweat glands came alive in this Shrinky Suit. The Suit encourages perspiration and helps cleanse the body of toxins, which is great.
      6. It is a comfortable, painless and convenient way of removing inches in problem areas. The fact that this treatment can be carried out in the comfort of a home is a massive plus for me.


      1. Some may find this product expensive as it is £129.99 for a monthly pack, and it is recommended you use if for at least 3 months to achieve maximum results. However, as it is a tried and tested product that actually works, it is worth every penny in my books.
      2. It could get really messy as you will be applying a lot of oil (25ml), so I advise you do this in a bathroom or something.


      1. I can’t shower, swim or exercise for the first 12 hours after the treatment, in order for the Shrinking Violet Oil to be absorbed completely.
      2. I need to drink a litre of water a day for the first 4 days after treatment, in order to flush out as many toxins as possible.

      I think this Shrinking Violet Home Edition is a smart invention. I am so sold on this product, I love everything about it and I see myself using this for the next couple of weeks, and I will be bringing you updates on Twitter so make sure you are following me on there, I am @Olojay.

      I recommend this product to anyone struggling to get rid of problem inches in certain areas. Try the Shrinking Violet Home Edition.

      What are your thoughts? Have you tried this product before? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

      Thanks for reading and have a great week.

      Stella xx

      Is Shrinking Violet Body Slimming Really Possible?

      Is Shrinking Violet Body Slimming Really Possible?

      Are you one of those people who hasn’t been able to reach their target weight or body shape?

      While trying to lose weight, many people tend to face certain problems which never let them attain complete weight loss.

      Many people complain of sagging skin after losing a considerable amount of weight. The skin loses its elasticity and appears lifeless. Though they lose weight, the body doesn’t get toned. The body shape appears all disfigured.

      For some people, weight loss restricts itself to certain body parts only. Despite following a strict diet and regular exercise regime, they just fail to reduce stubborn fat from different body parts like buttocks, thighs, stomach and arms.

      Your body slimming goals can only be achieved when these problems are tackled effectively. And for the same reason, you need a weight loss program which can target these problems well.

      A Shrinking Violet body slimming program can be your ideal solution to the common weight loss woes. It is targeted at reducing fat which is redundant from stubborn areas and is body toning.

      How a Shrinking Violet body slimming program works

      A Shrinking Violet body slimming program works by targeting different problem areas that affect your weight loss.

      It combines different weight loss techniques targeted at fat reduction & body toning. It uses the fat busting Shrinking Violet slimming solution to reduce fat, and then takes care of leftover cellulite, fat deposits and water weight through Lipo massage and body wraps.

      Other than fat reduction and body toning, a Shrinking Violet body slimming program even focuses on the right detox diet that complements your weight loss regime and also detoxifies your body which ensures the results are quick and long lasting.

      Choosing the right Shrinking Violet body slimming program, you can achieve your desired weight loss and body shaping goals.

      If you want to have an effective weight loss, ask for our Shrinking Violet body slimming available at Spas and beauty salons worldwide!


      Want to train in Shrinking Violet Body Wraps? Please go to: 


      Review: The Shrinking Violet Home Kit

      Review: The Shrinking Violet Home Kit

      There are some review requests you just can’t turn down and a chance to trial the Shrinking Violet Home Kit is one of them.

      Tibby Olivier launched Shrinking Violet, their revolutionary in salon, inch loss product in 2012. This kit is the home version that uses a ‘sweat’ suit instead of body wrap.


      Shrinking Violet is a painless, effortless process that can successfully remove fat from in problem areas such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen.
      Unlike traditional inch loss body wraps, Shrinking Violet doesn’t work by dehydration but by Lipolysis, a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat from problem areas. Lipolysis is achieved by chemical reaction and heat which permanently break down fat within fat cells.


      • A Shrinky Suit
      • 200ml Bottle of Shrinking Violet Solution (enough for 6/8 applications)
      • Measuring Cup
      • Tape Measure
      • 4 x Progress Charts

      THE SUIT

      The two piece, silver vinyl ‘space’ suit is a generous size. The material is robust – you can’t poke a finger through it and it won’t stretch or ‘thin’ out.

      The long-sleeved top has elasticated arms, neck and waist. The bottoms have elasticated leg cuffs and waist, and these are even big and roomy enough for men to wear.


      I was expecting it to be gel like and cold. In fact, it’s oily, but not greasy, and has a pleasant, natural lavender scent.

      HOW TO USE

      1. Measure areas to be treated beforehand and note them down in one of the 4 record booklets.
      2. For each one hour treatment, massage in 25ml of the Shrinking Violet solution (use the little measuring cup in the kit) over your target areas.
      3. Slide into the suit, which will cling to you.
      4. The idea now is to raise your body temperature by 2 degrees and work up a sweat to rid the body of toxins. The suit will do most of this part anyway – you will feel warm in it very quickly, but help it along by running on the spot or up and down the stairs.

      WHAT I DID

      I cleaned the bathroom and hovered the top floor of the house (women = multitaskers). I did feel a few trickles of sweat running down my back as I worked, but I felt very pleased with myself after the hour was up.

      I also drank loads of water immediately afterwards, because I was thirsty and yes, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t water loss through sweat, that contributed to any inch loss.

      The result, and I didn’t measure for 24 hours, although apparently the formula keeps on working for up to 72 hours afterwards, was a loss in just three areas – but what important areas they were.


      Very nearly a whole inch from each thigh AND – this is the big one, 1 and ¾ inches from my waist! This particular loss absolutely made my day.

      Maybe it seems like nothing because I really did work at raising up a sweat, but it’s a great feeling when you try on a skirt that previously felt a ‘bit tight’ and suddenly it feels very comfortable. Plus, this was only my first treatment, with 3 more to go!

      The fat in the cells is broken down and easily excreted by the body – One side effect is that there may be a slight increase in urination for 1 to 2 days after treatment.


      I think this treatment is best performed in the evening, mainly because you’re advised not to shower, swim or exercise for 12 hours to let the solution absorb. I didn’t find it a problem to sleep with the oil on my skin, it felt much the same as slathering myself in a rich body moisturiser overnight.

      It’s also recommended that you drink at least a litre of water for 3 – 4 days after treatment. Again, not a problem for me as I drink that much anyway.

      The more water you drink, the more toxins you are flushing through your lymphatic system.


      Shrinking Violet claim that the results will last when combined with healthy eating and moderate exercise. What spurs you on to do this is seeing a real result. I’m not saying that once Christmas swings into action, all bets are off, (although erm… obviously they are), but at least you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season feeling that bit nicer in your clothes.


      Perhaps I should’ve started this in January?




      Sold Out