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      In time for Christmas, you could be looking great and feeling fabulous, up to a dress size smaller with the confidence to be the life and soul of the party!

      How Soon Could You Drop a Dress Size?

      Shrinking Violet helps to drop a dress size after one treatment! See how soon you could be in that Little Black Dress!

      What is the Little Black Dress Challenge?

      The LBD Challenge is a 6-12 week plan of activities designed to boost your motivation, keep you focussed, help you lose weight and drop dress sizes... in time for the Christmas celebrations.

      How Does The Little Black Dress Challenge Work?

      Choose your challenge tasks to complete each week. You can do a new tasks each week, or repeat ones you have done before.
      Plan your treatments of the 30-90 day Shrinking Violet Home Kit
      Fill in your food diary
      Share your Christmas look - inspire yourself to succeed
      Stay Within Your Weekly Calorie Quota and lose weight

      I Did It

      One small thing you can do every day:
      • Body Brush and apply Shrinking Violet Cellulite Oil
      • 30 - 45 mins Toning Exercises in a Week - tone up those wobbly bits!
      • Apply Shrinking Violet slimming solution before exercising to boost those results
      • Eat Your 5 - A - Day - get a healthy glow
      • Get your Shrinking Violet Shrinky Suit on!
      • Drink Water before meals boost your weight loss
      • Spa at home with Shrinking Violet Home kit
      • Fill in your Journal Every Day identify things that trip you up
      • Take a SlimBathe bath
      • 90 - 150 mins Aerobic Exercise in a Week get fit and burn calories
      • Apply Shrinking Violet slimming solution AM & PM
      • Apply Bums & Tums for those hard to loose areas

      We Did It

      "What a successful challenge it has been for me. Over the 10 week period I have lost 15.5 lbs, an average rate of loss of 1.55 lbs a week... and I have dropped a dress size" Martina

      "Completed the challenge today!! 2 stones lighter and feeling good!!" John

      "I am in my party dress, 8 weeks into the Challenge. I get to wear it to a party with some friends who haven't seen me in ages! Very excited." Elizabeth

      Take the Little Black Dress Challenge!

      For a chance to win some Shrinking Violet goodies for you and your client, just send to us your client's before and after pictures (with their permission of course!), plus a photo of them looking gorgeous in their Little Black Dress!

      Competition entries to be in by 18th December 2023.
      Winner announced the 19th December 2023.

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