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    Review days
    Cost £99 for one day, £180 for two days or £250 for all three days.
    1-3 day review/refresher courses are held twice a year for qualified therapists. They can be used to re-certify therapists at Foundation or Graduate or as a practice sessions for anyone above those levels.
    Day 1
    Covers all the basic moves in fine detail some of the basic routines and theory questions you may have.
    Day 2
    Covers all the extra movements taught in Graduate and anything not completed on Under- Graduate Course. You will need a copy of your Under- Graduate, Graduate or Masters certificate to book for this one.
    Day 3
    Theory review day – all the fun of the theory with none of the exam stress! This one day class has proved popular with Under- Graduate students who wanted an opportunity to go a little more in-depth with the Foundation and Under Graduate theory. It is also a good review for those going on to Graduate and Master Sculptor.


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