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      Duration 5 Days
      Cost £550 with a deposit of £250
      Discount available: If Foundation Sculptor and Under Graduate Sculptor are booked together at the same time than the cost of both courses together drops to £1000 with a single non-refundable deposit of £500 to secure your place.
      Entry Requirements: Students must have completed a SV Foundation Sculptor course with an accredited SV Sculptor School teacher.
      Aims: To help each student develop the manual skills and theoretical understanding of all SV Sculptor treatments.
      Method: The course is similar to that in Basic but with additional techniques to learn - both theoretical and practical - towards attaining the necessary Certificate.
      Examinations: Exams are held on the final day. There is one written theory and five practical exams.
      Certification: Successful completion of the course earns the student a certificate issued through SV Sculptor Training. This allows the Under Graduate therapist access to all SV Sculptor Treatments and protocols.


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