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      Review: Shrinking Violet

      Review: Shrinking Violet

      When I was first contacted to try this treatment I wasn’t sure whether to accept. My first thought was quite negative as I just couldn’t see how this would work. As a size 20/22 I was also a bit anxious about it not fitting me and having to admit that.

      Despite this apprehension I decided to give it a go though and I was pleasantly surprised. The outfit was very snug but I feel this actually allowed the product to work more efficiently as it created more heat. I was just so damn happy that it actually fit, how hot do I look in this? Jokes.
      Shrinking Violet is known as being the loss leader for professional body wrap treatments and is now available in this at home kit.
      The kit includes a shrinky suit, Shrinking Violet oil, measuring cup and tape measure alongside charts to track your progress on.
      It is incredibly easy to use. Measure yourself beforehand, massage the oil into your problem areas and put on the shrinky suit for at least an hour. I thought this was great as it gave me a bit of an excuse to lounge around watching Gossip Girl. Not that I need an excuse.
       I also felt slightly like a space man in the suit so there’s that.
      The only negative I would have is that the oil based solution is extremely messy and I feel like my bedroom has a coating of oil all over it now.
      However putting that aside this product is great, it definitely allowed me to lose inches which is the aim of the kit. In fact after just two uses I have lost over 8 inches from my body, which is incredible when this kit is so easy to use. Trying this was something that I wasn’t looking forward to as I felt that this would just be a gimmick and wouldn’t actually work. Well how wrong was I.
      If you’re looking to fit into an outfit for a special occasion then this could be your friend. It works great without having to step foot in a gym and is definitely a quick fix. My next move is to see how well this will work alongside dieting as I have been eating all sorts of crap lately.
      The Shrinking Violet Home Kit is available for £129.00.

      How to Shrink inches as well as pounds in Spain

      How to Shrink inches as well as pounds in Spain

      I recently travelled to The Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain, to Shrink some inches as well as lose some pounds. Here goes! 


      Sometimes willpower alone won’t do when it comes to slimming down. Jemila called in the big guns at SHA Wellness Clinic with treatments from British company Tibby Olivier - Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Treatments.

      After hearing of Champneys success with Tibby Olivier’s Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Treatments. I was intrigued to try the treatments at a medical weight loss centre, and see how they are used to their full maximum capability. I already use the Home care as a daily maintenance and contour control try


      I really recommend it.

      After Landing at Alicante airport, I take the Autopista AP-7 up Spain’s Costa Blanca: defiantly no week in Benidorm here, I took a left turn then to a rather different holiday.

      At the seaside town of Albir is SHA Wellness Clinic. Help coffee is off the menu, not much alcohol gulp! No meat, no dairy that’s my cheese habit busted, no sugar but dairy milk is my friend! Instead lots and lots of tea. But the most rugged coastline, luxurious rooms – each commanding views of the coast and nearby mountains and probably the healthiest place in the world.

      You can book into to SHA : to detox, ease stress, give up smoking or, in my case, lose weight and Shrink some inches!

      The next morning 7 am!!! blood pressure checked and weighed in. Sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine (being naturally lazy I prefer to gently walk in the beautiful Lake District), is hard and I admit weekends are long in The Cake District! But putting me somewhere out of reach of temptation, but luxurious enough to make up for the absence of Rose wine and dairy milk, could this work!

      The spa and clinic are state of the art, an army of beautiful staff in spotless uniforms catering apparently to every complaint known to man and woman.

      I now begin a week on the Biolight Menu (1,000 calories a day).the Kushi diet became my regime for the the stay. I enjoyed it immensely I have to admit and even the teas you are given to constantly drink. I now love Roobios fat burning Tea who knew!

      If someone prepared all my meals at home I would stick to it! it’s just I don’t earn enough for a personal chef yet! Otherwise I am sure I would be thin!

      It’s the treatments at the Sha I love, daily I am bathed in a Shrinking Violet Slimming Solution, such a wonderful start to any treatment regime a slimming bath, Tibby Olivier sell this too Slim Bathe who wouldn’t want to bathe and slim!


      I am buying this the minute I get home, dark cold winter nights are transformed into candles and hot baths, with memories of The Sha to keep me warm!

      Then I am massaged with Shrinking Violet Slimming Solution, an intense lymphatic draining massage, wonderful Shrinking Sheer Bliss! an inch loss body ritual treatment designed to relax and de stress, stimulating and de-congesting the lymphatic system along with real inch loss! I am in heaven and followed by a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, the revolutionary clinically proven inch loss body wrap, a treatment so powerfully fat busting, that one 90 minute application can result in a reduction of up to one whole dress size. Clinically proven for up to 2.5% fat reduction per application. Its active ingredients penetrate cells and fat busting formula acts as an ideal slimming solution. I am amazed by the results which I can see and feel instantly the treatment is over!

      Apparently the combination of these treatments is named Shrinking Extreme Boosting, it most certainly is the Inch Loss Leader as far as I am concerned! Boosting my body confidence by helping to reduce fat, detoxifying, improving cellulite and fluid retention. Shrinking those inches in a haze of lavender heavenly bliss whilst I drift away! Sleep and Shrink it should be named! Targeting all problem areas and leaving my skin firmer, smoother and more toned, a lot cheaper than liposuction and non surgical!

      Unequal-able in powerful fat reduction and body sculpting in my opinion. I am simply blown away, I know now why it is on the treatment menu here in a medical weight loss clinic. Further research on my return shows me Shrinking Violet Inch Loss treatments are available worldwide in Champneys Spas, Resense and Kempinski Spas Worldwide and The Maldives, Seychelles, Bermuda, Barbados and throughout the whole of Dubai and the UAE and the Gulf states too. I am not surprised it’s on every too spa menu list, I have never had a treatment with such long lasting results.

      I believe my stay at The Sha was made complete by these treatments and I would happily return to live there! I am planning my next escape as we speak!

      The British company whom make these treatments is Tibby Olivier

      I am planning on testing the much acclaimed Faith Lift Mask next, I love the name already, a face lifting mask named Faith Lift!

      Back to the highlight of the SHA is a vast terrace comprising of a pool, sunbathing and Shamadi restaurant, where you can eat inside or out and take in the awesome view!

      The daily cookery courses are fun and a great way of indoctrinating the macrobiotic way into your diet when you’re back home. There’s yoga, meditation, pilates, tai chi and many more activities besides. Daily walks either to the beach or around the mountain to the lighthouse with its spectacular views along the coast. Take me back please...

      And the results? Well, you get a running commentary with weigh-ins every other day using a machine that gives you the most detailed fat distribution read-out imaginable. Plus a blood test at the start and finish of your stay to see how much your condition has improved. At the end of the fortnight I’ve lost 12kg and dropped two dress sizes.

      SHA Wellness Clinic (00 34 966 811 199; shawellnessclinic.com) offers various Weight-Loss Programme

      Spa and Beauty independent blogger


      Shrinking Violet. Do You Think It Really Works?

      Shrinking Violet. Do You Think It Really Works?

      Last week we were sent the Shrinking Violet home Edition Kit to test out and review here on the blog and boy did we have some great family fun!

      Body wrapping has long been in the beauty salons, but now with the launch of this home edition the treatment is available as a home product. That’s great for anyone who would like to try out the product and has no time to go to a salon.

      I have to be honest, I was looking forward to trying out the treatment. If your following my weight loss journey which you can see Here you’ll see that I’ve lost 30 lbs since October last year.

      When I opened the pack, I knew I wouldn’t fit into the shrinky suit. it’s not made for obese people. I didn’t mind too much though because of my illness Adrenal Insufficiency. I didn’t want to do a treatment which may use more cortisol than usual and effect my health.

      So John my hubby agreed to be the Guniea Pig. He was secretly excited. He has put on a few pounds since marriage and liked the sound of a detox. So we measured up and John tried out the product.

      He looked quite funny in his “spaceman suit” and my daughter found it hilarious. We ended up playing a game space man space man who are you. John walked around like a zombie and it helped him to build up a sweat and get the wrap working!

      After the allotted time John took off the suit and remeasured. He had lost about an inch on his stomach. He also noticed over the next few days that his jeans were more loose. He needed to pee a lot more to flush out the toxins and has felt less hungry for fatty foods. Whether this was psychological and gave him the boost to be a little more healthier or not i’m not sure, however he has lost inches and on the scales he has lost 3 lbs in weight.

      So that’s our experiment. Of course being the family we are, we had to throw some fun in there and take some shots of our superdad spaceman and his #getshrinking spacesuit.

      So to my surprise the product does work. I’m always on the sceptical side when it comes to weigth loss products but it did what it said on the packet. Now we have a months supply and my hubby is going to be using it again which is great. It really does work.

      Angela Milnes x

      Shrinking Violet Home Edition Shrink Wrap Kit

      Shrinking Violet Home Edition Shrink Wrap Kit

      Last week, I announced the arrival of my Shrinking Violet home edition shrink wrap kit. If you missed the post, have a read here for full details of what’s included, how it works etc.

      What I didn’t know at the that time, was that this kit works slightly different to others. The mix of oil and heat are what flush the toxins through. This kit doesn’t work by dehydrating you, therefore when you have that first glass of water, the inches don’t come back like they do with some shrink wrap treatments.

      I have now completed my first treatment. Read on for my thoughts on the treatment!

      Firstly, the kit says to use 25ml of lotion. As I was only concentrating on my bum, tum and thighs, I cut this down significantly.


      The lotion has a lovely salon fresh, citrusy smell. It is quite runny but was easy to apply and didn’t end up all over.

      I then popped the suit on. The plan was to take a couple of photos with the suit on. I couldn’t do it! There is nothing flattering about being dressed in a head to toe silver coloured shrinky suit, and that is not something I want immortalized on the internet. I would seriously recommend doing this alone or with people you are extremely comfortable with!

      I thought the suit would be rather uncomfortable but it really wasn’t. It warns in the instructions that the heat and perspiration may cause itching. I have sensitive skin, so I fully expected to be itchy but I wasn’t at all. I did feel warm, but not uncomfortably so.

      After waiting for an hour, it was time to remove the suit. I turned it inside out and wiped clean with a damp cloth, although it didn’t feel sticky or anything.
      My skin felt amazing. So soft and not at all greasy.

      The results: I lost just short of 2 inches from my stomach and bum area (measuring around my hips), 1 inch of my waist, and just over 1 inch from each thigh! That’s a dam good result for one treatment!

      I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to kick start a weight loss programme, someone wanting to tone up slightly or just for a big night out!
      Well worth the money!

      For more details, or to buy your own Shrinking Violet Wrap Kit, visit the Get Shrinking website here. These kits are a bargain at only £129. I have had a look, and for one session of this treatment at a salon, the price is around £65, so this is a really good offer. This link is NOT an affiliate link, so you can rest assured I’m not trying to sell you this so I make a pound or two. I really do think it’s extremely good value for money!

      Pop along to the website, grab your kit and #GetShrinking now!



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