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      Halve Your Wardrobe

      Halve Your Wardrobe

      Shrinking Violet Shrinks More Than Just your Waist

      Most women will admit that not every item in their wardrobe is the same size. We all keep some so-called ‘fat clothes’ for when we are feeling less than fabulous. Now, Shrinking Violet can free up your hangars as you leave your ‘fat days’ behind.

      The female form rarely stays the same, and whether it is due to a fluctuating diet, the time of the year, the time of the month or recovering from having a baby, we can all vary in size. For this reason, most wardrobes are filled with clothes that are at least two different sizes. This could be for you to hide inside when you don’t feel too good about yourself, or just those blast from the past clothes that don’t really fit but you can’t bring yourself to part with.

      The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit shrinks away those inches, meaning you will never need to hide again. Offering instant results, this clinically proven solution attacks fat cells to leave you looking fabulous. The kit enables you to lose a whole dress size in just 30 days, which is why it has been hailed by the press as a ‘loss leader’.

      With Shrinking Violet on hand, you can kick-start any weight-loss regime and never worry about excess inches again. Now, you can throw out those ‘fat clothes’ and enjoy filling your wardrobe with things for the new, slimmer you.

      The Shrinking Violet Home Kit is available to buy here.

      Shrinking Violet Review

      Shrinking Violet Review

      I was given the Shrinking Violet Shrinky Suit to test a few weeks ago and now that the product is officially out on the market I’ll be sharing my experiences with it! When I was contacted by the Get Shrinking team, I had literally no clue of what the product might be and what it’ll do.

      The kit includes your shrinky suit (the funky looking space suit – honestly made me laugh out loud when I opened the kit!), a bottle of the solution you apply on your body, a little measuring cup to get the right amount of lotion each treatment, tracking cards and a tape measure. There’s loads of solution to use, it’ll last for a good 8-10 treatments!


      The solution smells quite nice, I think the only way I could describe it is kind of a massage oil scent. All you need to do is rub it on the areas you want to target, put on the suit and do whatever you want for an hour. Probably best to stay indoors haha! You can just either sit down and watch TV or do light exercise – the point of the shrinky suit is to raise your body temperature by a few degrees to get the solution working.


      I honestly wasn’t expecting much to come out of this – maybe it’s just my sceptical approach towards anything – but holy cow it really did work! This is my tracking card, before measurements taken literally moments before putting the suit on and after measurements were taken when I woke up the next morning. The little leaflets do say that the results do get better over time so it might be best to “sleep on it” and only measure the next day.

      And just to clarify, the measurements are in centimeters, not inches! 🙂

      I’ve only managed to do one treatment so far, but if the results stay similar I’m more than pleased! I’d like to remind everyone that this is not some magical cure for weight loss on its own. It should be used as a part of a healthy diet, you will not achieve permanent results if you don’t keep active! 🙂

      You can order your own kit straight from the Get Shrinking website. They also offer a 90 Day Challenge to take part in for the best results!

      Riafit Fitness & Weight Loss Blog

      #Legs Legs Legs

      #Legs Legs Legs

      Different body parts seem to get the spotlight at different times. For now, it seems the bottom is taking center stage. Instagram is so full of inflated derrieres you’d think they were giving away free helium. All joking aside, we thought legs have been ignored for a little too long. Who doesn’t ooh and ah at Heidi Klum’s long and lean legs. How many fashion models are known for their bums? It’s their gorgeous legs that get them down the runway. With Shrinking Violet Spa Treatments we have the means to put your legs above your bum, in priority of attention that is.

      How did cellulite get here? Why is it here? How to I make it go somewhere else? Woe is the woman who will stop at nothing to improve the look of lumps and bumps on their legs. No one really knows what causes this affliction but 90% of women can claim it as their own. Men? Not so much. This leads experts to believe cellulite has something to do with hormones. It’s time to fight back.
      Several aesthetic tech giants have developed nonsurgical methods of eradicating cellulite. Unfortunately, many of the treatments provide questionable results and require so many repeat treatments, women neither have the time nor the patience to complete the series to satisfaction.

      Tibby Olivier tackle cellulite at the root. Cellulite is formed by fibrous bands that run through adipose tissue (fat). Much like quilting, but it’s not as attractive on skin as it is on a Chanel bag. In order to smooth the cellulite, your Shrinking Violet Therapist will infuse the area with our slimming solution, manually use lymphatic draining massage to flush out toxins and excess fluid, Shrinking Violets active ingredients target fat cells to shrink those inches, slim, firm and tone with fat busting results.

      Ageing is an equal opportunity collagen and elastin destroyer. It not only invades the face and neck, but collagen loss and poor skin quality can be seen on the thighs as well. Even with good muscle tone, the skin of the thighs is subject to a lot of bending at the knees, constantly stretching and contracting. It’s the contracting part that doesn’t quite happen when collagen and elastin are depleted. Sun damage, volume loss and poor hydration also contribute to saggy, baggy thighs.

      Shrinking Violet Body Wrap to the rescue. This method activates the lipolysis process eliminating unwanted fat without effort or discomfort. It provides immediate and lasting slimming and body shape effects helping lose inches in problem areas such as thighs, hips and stomach, among others.

      Tip: Shrinking Violet Bums & Tums is scientifically formulated with plant extracts, antioxidants and biotechnological agents to firm and improve sagging and crepey skin on the Thighs and Bottom. Ninety-eight percent of users see improvement. Believers in Shrinking Violet advise using the product on the skin of the thighs. Try it for hydration and a boost to collagen building after Shrinking Violet Body Wrap. Buy it here:

      A calf that blends into the ankle without definition and without a taper to the foot has been coined a “cankle”. Women with cankles have an accumulation of fat surrounding the soleus tendon. There is also a genetic component to cankles. If mom or dad were cankle-sufferers chances are you will be too. Cankles make it hard for women to comfortably wear boots and even some shoes.

      At Tibby Olivier we advise Shrinking Violet slimming solution and pressotherapy, to give relief to stocky ankles by performing circumferential draining of the calf and ankle area. The procedure stimulates the circulatory system, enhances lymphatic drainage and helps eliminate liquids, fats and toxins that cause cellulite, oedema, lymphedema and venous disorders such as varicose veins. But for those women tired of choosing their wardrobe based on cankle concealment, no amount of time or money will stand in their way.

      Exercise and diet just can’t improve cellulite, baggy knees or cankles, but you can get a leg up on improving these problem areas with a visit to our Shrinking Violet therapists and ask about our Shrinking Violet Spa Rituals Treatment Programmes. Tibby Olivier owner and Inventor of Shrinking Violet Spa Treatments has decades of experience in body contouring and are on the forefront of the latest advancements in non-surgical treatment of both face and body. With the spa therapists expertise and hands on skill, there’s no reason you can’t have stand out legs.

      The ultimate non-surgical “lift!”

      The ultimate non-surgical “lift!”

      Sagging skin can be a common problem that most women start to face from their early 30s. The signs might not be very clear at first, but unless real care is taken, it does not take long for the proof to become clear on the skin surface. Starting to feel a lack of tightness in your skin, can immediately be an indicator to show a drop in the elasticity of your skin, giving you a more tired and dull skin look along with wrinkles.

      The ultimate non-surgical “lift!” Faith Lift’s concentrated mask helps to instantly tighten and tone contours on face and neck—with lifting and firming benefits that are immediate and long-lasting.

      The primary reason for us losing natural skin elasticity is a reduction in the rate of synthesis of collagen and elastin in our skin. This combination of elements gives the skin its tight and taut, look and feel. The reduction can be marked as the onset of the natural signs of skin aging.

      Faith Lifts soothing botanical blend - firming, toning and skin brightening Ginseng with the added benefit of line-minimising hydrating Polysaccarides—creates an “mesh” on the skin’s surface to help “lift”, tighten and reshape facial contours, by taking action on wrinkles to maintain facial beauty.

      Tightens the skin without pulling, fades fine lines.

      Smooths, evens out and tightens the skin’s texture.

      Visibly lifts and firms face and jawline.

      Whilst you cannot stop aging, you can always help to slow its march with the right skin care. Which is why Faith Lift Mask is an ideal product specially formulated to meet with the concerns of sagging skin that is quickly losing its moisture and becoming dull and wrinkled. Faith Lift Lifting and Tightening Facial Mask gives a boost of moisture to the skin and also helps in reinvigorating the natural elastic and collagen synthesis process of the skin. Helping to achieve a quick lifting and firming effect on the skin through skin tightening.

      So, if you have started to notice lack of tautness and light wrinkles on your skin lately, it might be the high time for you to include a good quality skin tightening facial mask in your regular skin care regimen. Try Faith Lift Mask for Skin Tightening and Facial Lifting and enjoy a rejuvenated skin sensation of smooth skin will last for hours, in some cases days, without the skin flaking or leaving it overtly tight.

      Best of all Faith Lift Mask is totally safe and non-invasive. Faith Lift Mask is a naturally derived, skin tightening mask that will help to physically lift sagging skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. What you waiting for buy yours today! Here:




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