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    Get Shrinking Home Kit Review

    Get Shrinking Home Kit Review

    Earlier this morning, Get Shrinking launched their brand new and exciting product, the Shrinking Violet Home Kit which claims to help you instantly lose inches in just one hour. It sounded promising, and I was lucky enough to be involved with this weight loss kit and I’m here to tell you how I got on when I tried it out.

    When I picked up the post, I had no idea what to expect since Get Shrinking wanted to keep the kit a secret until the very last minute. I opened up the parcel, and inside there was a suit. I’m not talking a well fitted two piece suit and tie kind of thing.. the suit was silver and stretchy and looked like something made for a space trip. My first thought, astronaut.

    I was a little confused as to how this was going to give me immediate results. In the box with the suit there was a 200ml bottle of Shrinking Violet solution (a powerful blend of oils that help to aid with inch loss), a 25ml measuring cup, a tape measure and some information booklets with measurement charts to keep track of your losses.

    As I was reading more information about the shrinky suit kit, I learned the suit was similar to body wrapping. Body wrapping is a treatment where you are tightly wrapped up for a few hours to help you detox and temporarily slim down. The only problem with body wrapping is it difficult to do at home by yourself and is best left to the experts. But with this shrinky suit, it gives similar results without you having to go to a salon or learn how to professionally body wrap.

    To use the suit, simply pour out 25ml of the Shrinking Violet solution into your measuring cup. You then massage the solution into your skin and slip on the bottoms and top. The suit causes your body temperature to rise, which encourages perspiration and helps to cleanse the body of toxins. It’s so simple. You can choose to sit back and relax while the suit does all the work, or you can do a workout which might make the treatment that little more effective. The Shrinking Violet solution contains loads of amazing ingredients that care for your skin and work with the suit to help with inch loss.

    One of my biggest problems the last few months is that I’m drinking excessive amounts of coca cola and snacking on sweets and chocolate. As you can imagine, it leaves me looking and feeling very bloated. I am overweight, and could do with shifting a few stone so I felt this kit was something that would give me good results since I have fat to work with *sigh*.

    I’ve used the suit twice so far. The first time I used the suit I decided to jump on the crosstrainer for 5 minutes to warm myself up. I noticed straight away that the oil began to warm as I moved, and I could feel my body temperature rising more than it would in my usual workout clothes. I went around the house cleaning and browsed online for an hour and a half after I finished on the crosstrainer. I then took the suit off and instantly noticed that I looked less bloated around my stomach area. I measured, and I had instantly lost an inch and a half. I measured the rest of my body, but there was no loss anywhere else. I did feel like my body felt lighter too, not as in weight loss, but lighter as in my insides felt cleansed and I didn’t feel as podgy.

    The second time I used this product, I noticed again that I looked less bloated but there wasn’t any inch loss. I did take photos of myself before and after to make sure it wasn’t just a placebo effect and my mind wanting to believe, but there was definitely a small difference when I compared the photos.

    Do you see what I mean about my first thought being astronaut?

    Now the best thing for weight loss is obviously a sensible diet and regular exercise. I do try to eat sensibly and exercise often, but sometimes you just lose all motivation. I couldn’t say no to giving this product a try and seeing if it was a miracle product.

    If you have £129.00 to spare for a one month supply and you have a special occasion coming up where you want to look your best then this kit might be for you. It isn’t magical and it won’t completely transform you but it will help to make a noticeable difference which will boost your confidence. There are also other options available to buy things like the lotion, suit etc separately.

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    Shrinking Violet At Home Kit Review

    Shrinking Violet At Home Kit Review

    Many of you may have already heard of Shrinking Violet. I had heard of their body wrap before but was always put off by having to take time out to go to the salon to have one (not easy with two young boys to run around after!)
    Now they are bringing us their at home kits, which is amazing for a busy Mam like me.
    Shrinking Violet is a UK based brand although they are recognised internationally. Shrinking Violet are the only brand of its kind to be clinically proven.
    In the kit you receive 200ml of solution, the Shrinky Suit, tape measure, measuring cup and record cards so that you can record your inch loss. The solution is an oil based solution which has been tried and tested in a professional environment and the specially made Shrinky Suit enhances the technology.
    To perform the treatment all you do is measure out the solution in the measuring cup provided, then rub it into any problem areas and put on the Shrinky Suit. The suit only increases body temperature by 2 degrees making it suitable to wear while exercising. The suit encourages perspiration and helps to rid the body of toxins. You leave the suit on for 1 hour and you will get some immediate results. The solution continues to work for 72 hours and it is recommended to drink at least 1 liter of water a day for 3-4 days after the treatment.
    It is recommended for best results to take the 90 day challenge.
    Month One – 1 wrap a week
    Month Two – 1 wrap every two weeks
    Month Three – 1 wrap during the month
    I tried the product the day it arrived. I got a total inch loss of 4 Inches. With the biggest loss being 1.5 inches from my waist. It is kind of difficult to measure yourself so this may not be totally accurate. I will get my partner to measure me next time so that it is more accurate. I haven’t measured myself since though so do not know if any more came off in the 72 hours after.
    I managed to get in a right mess with the oil and ended up getting it everywhere but this is probably due to my clumsiness more than anything. Just be careful when applying it that you don’t splash it everywhere like i did. The suit was not at all uncomfortable. I wore mine while chilling in front of the tele.
    I am going to continue with the 90 day challenge and will be sure to let you know my results.
    Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit can be bought from getshrinking.me and costs just £129. A bargain when one treatment in the salon costs around £65 and the solution provided in the kit allows you to do 6-8 wraps.
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    Shrinking Violet Review

    Shrinking Violet Review

    I was given the Shrinking Violet Shrinky Suit to test a few weeks ago and now that the product is officially out on the market I’ll be sharing my experiences with it! When I was contacted by the Get Shrinking team, I had literally no clue of what the product might be and what it’ll do.

    The kit includes your shrinky suit (the funky looking space suit – honestly made me laugh out loud when I opened the kit!), a bottle of the solution you apply on your body, a little measuring cup to get the right amount of lotion each treatment, tracking cards and a tape measure. There’s loads of solution to use, it’ll last for a good 8-10 treatments!


    The solution smells quite nice, I think the only way I could describe it is kind of a massage oil scent. All you need to do is rub it on the areas you want to target, put on the suit and do whatever you want for an hour. Probably best to stay indoors haha! You can just either sit down and watch TV or do light exercise – the point of the shrinky suit is to raise your body temperature by a few degrees to get the solution working.


    I honestly wasn’t expecting much to come out of this – maybe it’s just my sceptical approach towards anything – but holy cow it really did work! This is my tracking card, before measurements taken literally moments before putting the suit on and after measurements were taken when I woke up the next morning. The little leaflets do say that the results do get better over time so it might be best to “sleep on it” and only measure the next day.

    And just to clarify, the measurements are in centimeters, not inches! 🙂

    I’ve only managed to do one treatment so far, but if the results stay similar I’m more than pleased! I’d like to remind everyone that this is not some magical cure for weight loss on its own. It should be used as a part of a healthy diet, you will not achieve permanent results if you don’t keep active! 🙂

    You can order your own kit straight from the Get Shrinking website. They also offer a 90 Day Challenge to take part in for the best results!

    Riafit Fitness & Weight Loss Blog

    Product Review: Shrinking Violet Home Edition

    Product Review: Shrinking Violet Home Edition

    Having had two children in the space of three years, the offer of a Shrinking Violet kit to help me shed a few of my excess inches was not something I was about to turn down.

    Since having children, I have gained two dress sizes, and whilst running round after two little people is great fun, it can be difficult to find time to exercise. One thing that people do not tell you about baby weight, is that not only does it creep up on you, it also changes the shape of your body. Weight now clings to my hips and stomach, when it never did before. Despite wanting to lose weight, I simply never seem to get around to it.

    The Shrinking Violet Home Edition kit is designed to help you lose inches in the privacy of your own home. It can be used on its own or as a top-up for their world renowned salon treatment. The kit includes tape measures and measuring cups, but its big selling points are the Shrinking Violet solution and the special Shrinky Suit.

    To use the kit you just apply the solution to your problem areas and then don the Shrinky Suit for one hour. The suit helps to activate the solution as it creates heat. When you take the suit off, you should aim to leave the solution on for as long as possible to allow it to keep working.

    I have to admit that I have always been slightly skeptical about these products that make all sorts of weight or inch loss claims. In most cases they seem to good to be true and must either not work or have some unpleasant side effects. I measured myself before the treatment more in hope than expectation.

    The solution has a lovely scent and so I was more happy to leave it on after the suit was removed. The Shrinky Suit is not exactly a trend setter but I was incredibly surprised at how much heat it generated.

    When I took the suit off, I re-measured and saw no changes. I thought this would be the end of the story, but by the following morning, sure enough, the inches started to disappear. I had lost three inches in total, and after my second treatment a few days later, I had lost a total of five inches, four from the waist and one from the hips.

    This all happened just before I was due to go on holiday. For the first time in three years, I looked in the mirror and smiled. The items I bought to go over my swimsuit and hide me away, never came out of my suitcase. As someone who used to be a size 8, I have not embraced my new curves with any kind of enthusiasm. After just two Shrinking Violet treatments, I saw my shape change more dramatically than it had in a long time.

    Overall, Shrinking Violet had two main affects: I lost inches, and I re-gained my confidence.

    The Shrinking Violet Home Edition retails at £129 and is available from shrinkingvioletworld.com

    UK Beauty Online

    Busting The Beer Belly

    Busting The Beer Belly

    Lose Inches At Home Quickly And Easily

    Whilst there is always plenty of talk about the female body image, it does not mean that men are immune to the subject. Now, any man can get into shape quickly and easily without leaving the house.

    Despite wanting to shape up, many men are not keen to visit a beauty salon or clinic to address the issue. Thanks to Shrinking Violet, they don’t have to!

    The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit is designed to bust that beer belly and minimise those man boobs from the comfort and privacy of your own home. It targets the typical problem areas of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs to rid the body of excess inches through its clinically proven formula.

    The kit comes with a Shrinky Suit which fits any size. Just combine this with the ‘loss leading’ Shrinking Violet solution and let it work on your body for an hour. You can exercise whilst wearing the suit or simply put your feet up while the inches disappear. Once you remove the suit, you can leave the formula on your skin to continue working long after.

    The instant results mean it is perfect for a special occasion or a big night out. This internationally renowned brand is produced in the UK and makes losing those inches easy, no matter how much of a hurry you are in.

    The Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit is available from www.getshrinking.me and costs just £129.99 for a slimmer new you.
    Follow us on Twitter at @getshrinking for all our latest news.



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